Our Story

Paper Street Soap Co. is a manufacturer of certified organic outdoor personal care products based in in the heart of the Hudson Valley, at the base of the Shawangunk Ridge or "The Gunks" in New York, and created by brother and sister Michael and Jennifer Reid.

It all started with an idea, or rather a few ideas. Several years back, Jennifer concocted an insect repellent from herbs and essential oils to safely ward off ticks and mosquitoes for her friend's bachelorette camping trip and the spray was a hit - she came out a hero! Everyone was asking how they could get more of the product. The two put their heads together, Michael's imagination and pragmatism with Jennifer's idea, to realize their vision.

They released their first product, a certified organic insect repellent, in Spring 2017.

 Michael Reid (right) and Jennifer Reid (left) at Cornucopia Natural Foods in Sayville, NY  (Photo Credit: Janelle Jones)


Michael P. Reid plays the Tyler Durden role — we are what we pretend to be — and works on the business full time, experimenting and expanding. If he's not hiking or clamming, he's writing away; check out some of his poetry and articles. If you would like to reach out, send him a message at michael@thepaperstreetsoap.co.

Jennifer B. Reid is an elementary school science teacher specializing in the integration of science at the elementary school level and hands-on field research. She believes that the only way to teach is for students to radically apply the scientific method in the field (or sea); this is best exemplified by her case study Water Celery: The Hudson River's Biggest Secret.


Michael Reid at Honest Weight Food Co-Op (Albany, NY)

 Michael Reid at Honest Weight Food Co-Op in Albany, NY  (Photo Credit: Rosary Solimanto)

Gunk soul brother, check it out now!

A special thanks to the following:

Mom & Dad, who gave us life and more (a lot more);

Phil Foo for the Tyler Durden poster on my wall which I stared at from my bed for years before finally making this a reality;

Dr. Forrest Mitchell and Dr. James Lasswell for their dragonfly photograph and their grace to let us use it on our bug spray;

Greg Jackson for generously giving his time to his cousins to design and cut the wood for the retail display boxes;

the beautiful (and talented) Kathedy Lopez for hand-carving — yes, hand-carving! — the tick and mosquito stamps for our first wooden retail display boxes;

and Gregory Reid Krauss for the professional white backdrop shot that we use for Amazon and the like — you are a master of light and shadows!

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