Mountain Rose Herbs Giving Project

Project Title:
Certified Organic Catnip Essential Oil

Project Description:
Catnip essential oil is proven in clinical trials to be ten times more effective than DEET in the repellency of mosquitoes, which are carriers of diseases such as West Nile and Zika viruses. Yet, most people are not aware that catnip essential oil has these properties and therefore the plant and its oil have not made its way into mainstream insect repellents where it be a significant replacement that is nontoxic to humans and highly effective in warding off the disease vector mosquitoes. As of now, there is no producer for certified organic catnip essential oil. After much research and finding nobody willing to pursue the venture in a reasonable amount of time, I have gone out of my way to obtain certification for my own product of the ingredient and as it stands am the only supplier of this ingredient. Period. Though, at present, I have a very small distiller which limits my capabilities for production. I would like this grant in order to purchase an adequate distiller to scale production and take the necessary measures to demonstrate its effectiveness in clinical studies and the like so that I can best market my product and educate the general public along the way on the importance of this herb, oft-overlooked except for cat toys. Most catnip is processed for these toys and does not get distilled into the more precious and useful catnip essential oil. This ingredient should in good time become a staple active ingredient in personal insect repellents and for the better all concerned.

Scaled production of certified organic catnip essential oil that can be used as an ingredient in my insect repellent products and supply certified organic essential oil retailers which can then supply home herbalists with this ingredient as well. Proliferation of this essential oil on the market and a move towards use of this ingredient in organic insect repellents. Demonstration that these ingredients are not the best organic alternatives, but the best ingredients for repellency period. General public understanding of this concept for all herbs. Commercial and home use of this oft-overlooked herb and essential oil with availability and in certified organic variant.

Action Plan:
•Purchase of larger distiller
•Purchase of fresh catnip in bulk
•Distillation and inclusion of catnip into formula
•Clinical trials of revised insect repellent formula
•Sale of insect repellent to wholesale channels
•Continued efforts through sales with highlight on importance of catnip essential oil and catnip crop
•Growth of additional certified organic catnip on the market to meet increased demand. Plant gets positive attention/cultivation and people are better protected, less people get disease from proper and healthful protection.

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