Why is there a dragonfly on the front instead of a mosquito or a tick?
The dragonfly is the ultimate observer of the animal kingdom with the best vision of any creature out there. This unique perspective gives the dragonfly the ability to be the ultimate hunter, catching about 95% of its targeted prey without fail, including the same pests our bug spray keeps away, including mosquitoes and flies.

Is this product "all-natural"?
No, "natural" or "all-natural" is absolutely meaningless marketing jargon without any regulation whatsoever. Our product is certified USDA Organic — the rigorously-tested gold standard of organic certification — by Oregon Tilth to ensure the best possible ingredients and end product for you.

What does the USDA Organic symbol mean?
The symbol on the front of our label is the gold seal for organic certification and means that all of our ingredients, our manufacturing facility, and our final product are certified organic.

What are the ingredients of the bug spray and why are they effective?
Our product uses organic witch hazel pulp extract and our organic essential oil blend to ward off pests. These extracts and oils are from plants that naturally ward off pests in order to protect themselves. Now they're protecting you and they smell great too!

Why is the product in a glass bottle? Can't glass break and hurt me?
We have went out of our way to use glass to ensure that our product is pure. PET and other plastics leech xenoestrogens which serve as endocrine disruptors and can cause you all sorts of harm. (Thanks, Blake.) Our glass bottles do not leech anything into our product. And, our glass is strong, double-thickness, to ensure it does not break. You would have to drop this bad boy on concrete.

Should I spray the bug spray in my eyes?
No... but you can spray it anywhere else on your skin and clothing.

Why does the bug spray bottle have no expiration date?
Our product is shelf-stable, which means it does not expire. We have managed to create a certified organic product using organic ingredients, all of which naturally preserve themselves.

Do you offer free samples?
No, at this time we cannot offer every retailer a free sample, as we are a small business and every bottle counts. We kindly ask that before working with us through wholesale that you purchase one at retail price as a sign of good faith, test out the product yourself, and then we can take it from there.

What are your shipping costs?
We use USPS First Class and Priority with the best fitting box for whatever quantity you purchase to ensure the best pricing, fastest shipping times, tracking, and automatic forwarding. 

Do you ship outside of the United States?
Yes, we do! Your shipping will be a bit high though... :( Move here and your shipping will be cheaper.

What other products do you intend to release? Isn't there enough soap on the market?
We intend to create certified organic products to fill the void where the organic personal care heavyhitters have not yet treaded. Yes, soap is in our name, and that is part of the whole reference but there are already a lot of great organic soaps on the market — maybe down the road we will have one just for our namesake. As of now, our next products, all certified organic, will be colognes, perfumes, and room sprays, with more to be determined. Our pace is such that we want to perfect each product that we put out and make it the gold standard of its respective category before moving on to the next idea.

Where are you guys located?
We are located in New Paltz, New York, in the heart of the Hudson Valley and just at the base of the Shawagunk Mountains, otherwise known locally as "The Gunks". We go hiking every morning, well Michael does at least, and his happy place is at the top of Bonticou Crag.

Why should I buy your bug spray instead of a local bug spray?
Well, the thing of it is that we just do it better, best rather. I understand where you are coming from but at the same time the local thing can only go so far. Do not Belgians make the best beer? Do not the French, Swiss, and Dutch make the best cheese? Some people do things better. We do bug spray better than your local guy: ours is certified organic, made from the best possible ingredients, in the most effective formula, smells great, and is in a lovely glass bottle with beautiful packaging. We are not cocky, but we are confident, and we ask for your support because sometimes some people do things better and that is what trade is all about.

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